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  • How do you find all of those blog posts?

    I'm pretty active on Slack (most active, ahem…). I like to chat, because I believe strong communication is super helpful for teams, but it’s also a lot of fun (gifs, memes, etc). Straddling that line, I post articles I come across in relevant channels that I think others would appreciate or learn from, and typically …

  • Custom Blacklist Contact Form 7

    Easily set up a blacklist for those marketing lists that somehow get around Akismet. Throw the below in your functions.php file and customize the $blacklist array to filter by email address to your liking. function contactFilterBlacklist( $result, $tag ) { $tag = new WPCF7_Shortcode( $tag ); $blacklist = array( 'filterme' ); $yourEmail = isset( $_POST['your-email'] ) ? …

  • Batch PNG Optimization

    Easily create a script to batch optimize PNG files in Photoshop using TinyPng's Photoshop Plugin and Adobe's ExtendScript Toolkit. Jump over to voormedia for the How-To. Compressing Images via voormedia TinyPNG Photoshop Plugin

  • dpkg-scanpackages Stripping Name Field

    dpkg-scanpackages isn't designed to take in some of the user defined fields Cydia repos use. Saurik points out in his How to Host a Cydia Package post how to easily fix this. This is rather easy: simply add "Name", "Author", "Homepage", and "Icon" to the end of the array "fieldpri". Not sure which one the …

  • minimal.iOS.8

    minimal.iOS updated for iOS 8, minimal.iOS.8 is a Winterboard theme for jailbroken iPhones. Now available on Cydia via the repo. minimal.iOS.8 minimal.iOS.8 on GitHub

  • minimal.iOS.7

    With the recent release of Pangu, I was inspired to get back to work on more icon theming. Behold, the iOS7 version of Winterboard theme minimal.iOS! minimal.iOS.7 on GitHub minimal.iOS.7 on Dribbble

  • Sync your SublimeText2 settings with DropBox

    Check out the details at

  • Frosty Deals, Daily Deal Hub

    Finally launched, is a pet project created by Broc Klein and myself that functions as an aggregator for one-day deals across the web. Project no longer available.

  • hippify Javascript Plugin

    Created this script with the need to swap high resolution images in when high ppi, non-mobile displays are detected. hippify on GitHub