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  • minimal.iOS Winterboard Theme

    Recently, I released a Winterboard theme for jailbroken iPhones called minimal.iOS. It's only the lockscreen at this point, but the plan is to theme a great deal of icons and the general phone GUI. minimal.iOS on GitHub

  • iPhone Lock Screen

    Finally got around to updating my lockscreen. Wanted to go with something nice and simple Original lockscreen template with LS Nimbus

  • Asynchronous Javascript Loading

    These posts are going to be short until I reformat all of the previous ones. With that in mind, saved a couple seconds loading time on a project I'm working on by simply loading social media javascript links asynchronously. Easy to implement and cleans the code up quite a bit! Thinking Async on CSS-Tricks

  • Resume

    Updated resume.

  • Pong-Fu Flyer Design

    Potentially gearing up for a larger event, I was contacted to do a concept design for a flyer that would serve as a marketing effort for a water pong tournament. The tournament would have been a non-profit event benefiting the local university's baseball team. Though this event never was put into action, the end result turned out …

  • Hair by Diane Website

    To promote her company and get a foot in the door, I was asked by my mom to make a website for Hair by Diane. I wanted to create a modern look to the site yet keep the charm that her shop has. The layout is simple, but effective bringing together all of the information …

  • St. Patrick’s and State Patty’s Day

    Getting in the spirit for St. Patrick's Day and more specifically, State Patty's Day, I decided to create a background for my phone. 320×480 – Made for an iPhone, not sure what other device resolutions are Images used: Wood Background Guinness Coaster Four Leaf Clover PSU Logo Download through: State Patty's Day – St. Patrick's …

  • Manning’s

    Mannings is a TV, furniture, and appliances store owned and managed by my grandfather. He has had this store for over 50 years and has never owned a business card. I figured it was about time he got one! For his card, I was debating having his face and portrait as the back, but figured …

  • Hair By Diane

    Hair By Diane is a recent start-up salon created by my mother. Prior to this salon and between other career fields, she has had over 25 years of personal experience owning and running a salon. She finally came to a point where she could re-open her salon and stick to her passion. As I had …

  • Bill Taylor

    Studio and outdoor photography session with model Bill Taylor.