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  • Design Official

    Design Official is a mock design team/company created by two colleagues and myself to emulate the structure and teamwork needed in a typical design team. Progressing throughout the time, projects focused on school oriented assignments. We completed various projects all dealing mostly with photography and graphic design. With Design Official, I created a logo, a …

  • Anthony Santiago

    Studio photography session with model Anthony Santiago.

  • Filmore Album Art

    Filmore wanted an album art design, front and back, for their upcoming single release of "City Lights." The member in contact was pretty straight forward with the direction he wanted the design to go, which was demonstrated in the below.

  • Filmore MySpace Design

    Filmore, a band out of Maryland, contacted me to create a MySpace web template for them. They requested a space theme, but did not have much more in mind aside from the content required. The title "Filmore" used on the design was originally provided, but required some cleaning, rebuilding, and adjustment before being added.

  • Headphones and Sunglasses

    Mock product shots for Sennheiser/AX.

  • Wowee Zowee

    Wowee Zowee was a student project that I created mocking the current fast food era. Many fast food chains will promote ridiculous food creations similar to the fake one shown. The one in this particular promotion consists of simply a hamburger bun and cheese. Labeled "The Cheezow" to relate to the brand's name, this product …

  • Tau Epsilon Phi Web Design

    The Pennsylvania State University branch of Tau Epsilon Phi requested me to create a website for their brotherhood. For this project, I created a website based upon their fraternity color, purple, and presented a clear and easy to use theme and navigation structure. More recently, their fraternity has merged with another, making this design a …

  • John Long

    Studio photography session with Marine, John Long.

  • Paper Heart

    Paper Heart is a film that was created to look like a documentary of a girl who does not believe in love. As the film progresses, she finds her way into romance and discovers love first hand. This project was created in response to a poster design competition promoted by Deviant Art. For this, I …