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  • 2023 Content Roundup – Year in Review

    2023 has blown right on by. Here’s what I was up to this year… Life at Home Unlike last year, travel was greatly slowed down, meaning my family and I spent much more time back home. My son is 2.5 years old now! It’s insane how fast its going and I can’t imagine that part’s …

  • 2022 Content Roundup – Year in Review

    This has been an interesting year where I’ve been quite productive, but traveling and conferences have made me productive in different ways than I had been the past two years. So here’s what I was up to in 2022, let’s dig in… Life in a casa de Fayock This year we traveled a lot! My …

  • 2021 Content Roundup – Year in Review

    This is my second year putting together a content roundup. It’s always fun looking back to see everything I’ve done, often forgetting that I actually did a particular thing this year and not 5 years ago (2021’s been weird). I didn’t quite put out the same amount of content as I did in 2021, but …

  • Frosty Deals, Daily Deal Hub

    Finally launched, frostydeals.com is a pet project created by Broc Klein and myself that functions as an aggregator for one-day deals across the web. Project no longer available.

  • Resume

    Updated resume.