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  • Automatically Update npm Package Dependencies with Dependabot

    Dependabot has historically been on the receiving end of many jokes and memes, from the world’s top Hacktoberfest participant to the occasional onslaught of inboxes when a widely popular package receives a security update. But buried in there was something important and highly useful that can help package maintainers and projects more sanely deal with …

  • 2022 Content Roundup – Year in Review

    This has been an interesting year where I’ve been quite productive, but traveling and conferences have made me productive in different ways than I had been the past two years. So here’s what I was up to in 2022, let’s dig in… Life in a casa de Fayock This year we traveled a lot! My …

  • 2021 Content Roundup – Year in Review

    This is my second year putting together a content roundup. It’s always fun looking back to see everything I’ve done, often forgetting that I actually did a particular thing this year and not 5 years ago (2021’s been weird). I didn’t quite put out the same amount of content as I did in 2021, but …

  • Frosty Deals, Daily Deal Hub

    Finally launched, frostydeals.com is a pet project created by Broc Klein and myself that functions as an aggregator for one-day deals across the web. Project no longer available.

  • Resume

    Updated resume.