Hair By Diane

Hair By Diane is a recent start-up salon created by my mother. Prior to this salon and between other career fields, she has had over 25 years of personal experience owning and running a salon. She finally came to a point where she could re-open her salon and stick to her passion. As I had a bit of time on my hand, I was readily available to go to work for her.

Starting with her logo, I wanted to create something that would showcase her talent and personal style. I developed an illustration of a hair brush meanwhile incorporating the word hair into the bristles. The two logos below differentiate slightly with the word hair, where with the black and white logo it lacked a variety of color and needed to be visible from a great distance so I excluded the lower bristles in order to make the word stand out. This was unneeded in the color variation, so I left that as is.

She also wanted a business card to brand the logo onto giving her the opportunity to pass it out to quickly spread word. For the back, I chose a hair brush that was similar to the logo having thin bristles with ball points. After personally taking the photo, I manipulated the temperature of the image to match more closely to the color scheme she wanted. On the front, I marked it with her logo and the details she needed presented.

Hair by Diane Logo

Hair by Diane Business Card

Hair by Diane Sign