Colbyashi Maru

For a while I’ve sat on this idea of using the name Colbyashi Maru for some kind of fun content series.

What the Colbyashi Maru?

If you missed the reference, Colbyashi Maru is a play on the Kobayashi Maru from Star Trek, which is a training exercise presenting a “no win” scenario to those taking the challenge.

Star Trek Kobayashi Maru

While I didn’t start getting into Star Trek until the newer movies (still want to go back and watch the series), I thought it was a fun concept that I could apply to the code world.

Enter Colbyashi Maru

Colbyashi Maru is a new streaming series where I’ll bring on guests and put them in a somewhat no-win scenario, where I’ll give the guest 1 hour to build a project.

The project topic will be pre-determined, but the idea is the guest will join the stream, start a new project from scratch, and essentially see how far they can get within that hour.

Starting Thursday January 14th

The first Colbyashi Maru will be on Thursday January 14th at 1pm EST.

Find your timezone here:,438

I’ll be featuring Kevin Cunningham (@dolearning) as he takes on sourcing content in a Next.js project with WordPress.

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