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  • Hair by Diane Website

    To promote her company and get a foot in the door, I was asked by my mom to make a website for Hair by Diane. I wanted to create a modern look to the site yet keep the charm that her shop has. The layout is simple, but effective bringing together all of the information …

  • Filmore MySpace Design

    Filmore, a band out of Maryland, contacted me to create a MySpace web template for them. They requested a space theme, but did not have much more in mind aside from the content required. The title "Filmore" used on the design was originally provided, but required some cleaning, rebuilding, and adjustment before being added.

  • Tau Epsilon Phi Web Design

    The Pennsylvania State University branch of Tau Epsilon Phi requested me to create a website for their brotherhood. For this project, I created a website based upon their fraternity color, purple, and presented a clear and easy to use theme and navigation structure. More recently, their fraternity has merged with another, making this design a …