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Hair by Diane Website

Web Design

To promote her company and get a foot in the door, I was asked by my mom to make a website for Hair by Diane. I wanted to create a modern look to the site yet keep the charm that her shop has.

The layout is simple, but effective bringing together all of the information in a way that is direct and easy to communicate. Bringing in two photos from iStockphoto, the background flower and model, I created the stacks below to display the text. Supplementing the site is a featured blog that will eventually grow into a wealth of information written by Diane dealing with hair and beauty.

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Design Official

Graphic Design, Web Design

Design Official is a mock design team/company created by two colleagues and myself to emulate the structure and teamwork needed in a typical design team. Progressing throughout the time, projects focused on school oriented assignments. We completed various projects all dealing mostly with photography and graphic design.

With Design Official, I created a logo, a business card, and a company website (below) to demonstrate the branding of our team. Having an elegant, yet fun outlook, we wanted to keep along the lines of a professional identity as well as leaving a bit of fun personality to it.

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Filmore MySpace Design

Web Design

Filmore, a band out of Maryland, contacted me to create a MySpace web template for them. They requested a space theme, but did not have much more in mind aside from the content required.

The title “Filmore” used on the design was originally provided, but required some cleaning, rebuilding, and adjustment before being added.

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