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Wowee Zowee

Graphic Design, Photography

Wowee Zowee was a student project that I created mocking the current fast food era. Many fast food chains will promote ridiculous food creations similar to the fake one shown.

The one in this particular promotion consists of simply a hamburger bun and cheese. Labeled “The Cheezow” to relate to the brand’s name, this product was directly making fun of the Taco Bell “Cheese Roll-Up,” which as you might have guessed is made up of a wrap with a simple cheese stuffing. I will give credit to Taco Bell, where their product has three separate cheeses, but mine only consists of one.

Wowee Zowee Commercial on YouTube View Image

Paper Heart

Graphic Design

Paper Heart is a film that was created to look like a documentary of a girl who does not believe in love. As the film progresses, she finds her way into romance and discovers love first hand.

This project was created in response to a poster design competition promoted by Deviant Art. For this, I wanted to portray the feeling of the film as well as dive in to the literal feel to the name. With this design, I placed in the top 25 of all that were submitted.

Link to my official submission for this contest.

Paper Heart Submission on Deviant Art View Image