Where it started…

Off of an exit on I-80 is Bloomsburg, PA, where I went to school and was raised. After I got done playing with Ninja Turtle and Power Ranger toys, I started tearing open things like AIM and MySpace customizing their UI’s and page designs. This opened the door for me as I quickly began branching off to simple websites and flyers for gaming teams and bands. Expanding on that interest, I went to Penn State University where I got a BA in Integrative Arts.

What I’ve been doing…

  • SnapRetail

    Marketing Web and Graphic Designer

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Email campaigns and web advertising for Snap, their partner OneCoast, and both of the company’s retail customers which included brands such as MudPie and Lindsay Phillips

  • Endagraph

    Graphic Designer

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Worked on mostly large format projects including trailer advertisements and vehicle wraps for companies such as George Howe, Perdue, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Wendy’s.

  • ShowClix

    Web and Graphic Designer

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Lead the creative and front-end development on front-facing marketing initiatives including a complete redesign of the company’s homepage and sales pages, as well as refreshing brand styles and identity.

And what I’m doing now…

Currently, I’m living in Virginia working as a Front-end UI/UX Designer for ThinkGeek.

You can also find me freelancing and messing around with GitHub repos in my free time.